Friday, 8 April 2016

The Last Blogpost: Goodbye and Thank You

Dear You,

I have been meaning to say goodbye for a while...
And I haven't known how to,
I still don't know,
But, I'll tell you this...
I'm tired, and I am happy and I am sad,
But I am not the same tired, the same happy and the same sad I was four years ago, when I first wrote this blog.
Hence, I must move on and try something new.
So before I take your leave, at least for now,
If only to return at some other day in the future,
I'll just tell you about a few inspiring authors you might want to read (for they are certainly more fascinating than I), and people in my life I feel I should thank...
Most of you who know me, know where I borrowed inspiration from,
Who I wanted to sound like...Iain Thomas
So, first and foremost, to Iain Thomas,  Thank you,
For writing some of the most beautiful and loving words, I have ever read...
If you haven't read his blog, here's a link
Do give it a read,
You will find much of my introduction to this blog and its layout is like his,
Next to Neil Gaiman,
Who taught me it was okay to sound like a lot of other people before I began to sound like myself,
Here's a link to his brilliant commencement speech...
Next to J.K. Rowling for her extraordinary writing and magic,
And lessons in failure, kindness and imagination,
Here's a link to her inspiring commencement speech
Teaching one that rock bottom can be a solid foundation on which one can build.
Next to Sarah Kay, who is perhaps one of the youngest and most talented poets of all times...
Here's a link to my favorite poem by her, with perhaps, some of the best advice anyone can give their daughter
For there are times when the very people people you want to save, are the ones standing on your cape,
And for, there is nothing more beautiful than the way ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times its sent away.
To Abhishek Roy, my oldest  and amazing friend and poet,
I wish you'd write more often, you really do write better than you think,
He and Richa authored one of the most beautiful blogs I had ever read,
It was called Ihopeyourememberme.
I was heartbroken the day they decided to discontinue writing,
But they used to say.
The shortest distance between two points is not measured in a straight line,
But, in a heartbeat.
To my two friends,
Rolly and Gunjan,
For your patience and kindness which often far exceeds my deserved quota,
And for being the only people with enough love for me to not muffle my words or ever feel small.
And lastly to you,
For reading this far.
For living,
And hopefully loving,
And making me feel not alone.
Even if you'd rather not,
Even if you claim you aren't,
Even if you don't know me and don't even want to know me,
You were always a part of my story,
Thank you,
And I wish you love, as I always have...
And I always will.
I might post here again, if I ever decide to come up with something new, or return again,
But for now...
Miss you.
Love you.

Only me


  1. Dear Only Me,
    Please don't give up, you still have many beautiful words to write and thoughts to share.
    I have been blogging since 2008 and many times I have felt sad, tired, uninspired and dejected, unable to write a poem worthy of posting but I have held on and every now and then my thoughts are conveyed to words and I write something from my heart.
    So perhaps have a break for a while and return again.
    Warm regards
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Hey Dianne
      Thank you kind stranger :) I did.